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International Treasure - The Hidden Secret of Senen-Mut
by Daniel G. McCrillis, Th. D.

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International Treasure

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A team of archeologists was excavating a dig site near the ancient Well of Bir Nahid in the hot desert sand of Egypt. After unearthing a tomb of an ignoble named Dorotheus who lived during the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus (286 B.C.), everything was progressing better than expected. But once it was discovered that Dorotheus was a member of the Serapis Cult, a religion that went deep into Egypt’s past, their work was abruptly put to a halt.

While archeologist Dan Drake waited patiently back in the States to hear from the Supreme Council of Antiquities of his eligibility to return to Egypt, unbeknownst to him, his colleagues from the excavation were strangely disappearing at the hands of an underground organization. Being notified by Egyptian authorities, Lieutenant Barnes of the FBI embarks on a nation-wide search to find Dan before the band of evil culprits. Because of the nature of the case, Barnes recommends Dan to see an old friend named Brian Johnson. As the story unveils, Brian, Jesse and Christa abandon their lives of ease and reunite as treasure hunters to help Dan unravel the mysteries that surround the archeological site and his missing colleagues, which seem to have the authorities baffled.

As the treasure-hunt unfolds into a thrilling and historic adventure, dodge bullets with Brian and his unlikely confederates as they trot the globe to discover missing history, learn startling truths about the Bible, and unveil a fascinating story about the most ancient treasure in the world’s history! Based on a true story, follow along as a fictional team of treasure hunters discover, “a story that nobody knows, concerning a man that everybody knows!

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