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Books by Author Daniel G. McCrillis Th.D.

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Biblical Egyptology, Daniel G. McCrillis - Now available for the first time, an amazing book that correlates every major Egyptian epoch found within with the Scriptures.  From the Egyptian record, learn about the three famines in Genesis, the hospitality of Egypt, the betrayal of the Hyksos, Israel’s bondage, the Biblical Pharaohs of the Exodus, and a possible identity of Moses in his Egyptian life.  Learn of the Pyramid Era in light of the Holy Scriptures.  Learn the four major theories found among Christianity; namely, the late date theory, early date theory, common date theory, and the shift theory.  Furthermore, we will unravel two blocks of time; covering the flood of Noah to Abraham’s Covenant and Abraham’s Covenant to the Exodus.  In addition, we will learn the history of Egypt and the dynastic reins from Genesis 50 to Exodus 13.  In the end, we will find out that all this is only the beginning to the magnificent study of Biblical Egyptology!