Dan’s life began at the age of twenty, after reading a chick tract in the Madison County Jail, Illinois. He was mentored by Dr. Carrol Schoenhals, chaplain of Hope Chapel in the Boonville Correctional Center. After attending church at Second Baptist in Festus MO., a Sunday school teacher (David Althage) gave him some preaching tapes of Dr. Jack Hyles, through which, he was called to preach at twenty two. He was led by God to attend Hyles Anderson Bible College, where he met his wife Christa. He has four children; Daniel, Joy, Jackson, and Shelby. He is a graduate of Hyles Anderson Bible College, Rock of Ages College of Biblical Studies, and Rock of Ages Theological Seminary. He has a Bachelor of Science, Master of Theology, Doctor of Biblical Studies, and a Doctor of Theology, (with no earned life credit).

He started Gateway Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri (2006), and is the pastor there. He is the author of the New Acrostic Study Bible, and maker of the Acrostic Study Bible. He is also the author of the Revised Erasmus 2nd Edition Greek New Testament, Biblical Geology, Biblical Egyptology, Biblical Astrology, Biblical Psychology, etc.

External Certificates

Joe Boyd Seminars of Evangelism: Dan was personally tutored under the late Dr. Joe M. Boyd, where he learned evangelism through local church revivals. He traveled to many churches in several states holding revivals and learned the three gospel nets of evangelism: juniors, teens, and adults. Dan was personally taught Bible Doctrine and Greek under Dr. Boyd, and received three diplomas. Dan travelled in three summer seminars with Dr. Boyd, was the Dean of Men for two years, and made Dr. Boyd’s Acrostics into a Bible format.

Ron Gearis: Dan had a lot of spiritual influence under the teaching, preaching, and friendship of the late Dr. Ron Gearis. He also had the privilege of spending a week personally with him and his wife, Judy, where Dr. Gearis taught him many things concerning the ministry.

Evangelistic Fellowship of America: Dan was Dean of Men in Summer Seminar Training under Dr. Randy Taylor, where he learned evangelism through local church tent revivals and received a diploma.

Rock of Ages Bible Institute: Dan answered over 16,000 questions from the New Testament, and received 27 certificates, a diploma, and graduated with honors.

Licensed to Preach out of First Baptist Church of Hammond: Dan was the E Bus Ministry Junior Church Preacher for two years, worked and preached on a bus route for six years, held two city wide campaigns in Portage and La Porte, and went street preaching on the streets of Chicago with Dr. Sam Sprunger for one year; therefore he was licensed to preach under First Baptist Church of Hammond.

Ordained out of Arnold Baptist Tabernacle: Dan was ordained out of Arnold Baptist Tabernacle under the late Dr. James Beller in Arnold Missouri three years after starting Gateway Baptist Church.

Liturgy Works of Daniel Glen McCrillis

  1. The New Acrostic Study Bible (5 volumes) -(finished)
  2. The Layman’s Acrostic Study Bible -(finished)
  3. Biblical Geology -(finished)
  4. Biblical Egyptology -(finished)
  5. Biblical Astrology -(finished)
  6. Biblical Romanology (to be finished in 2015)
  7. The Kings of Israel and Judah (to be finished in 2014)
  8. The Miracle of the Septuagint (LXX) (to be finished in 2015)
  9. The Emphatic “I” - (to be finished in 2015)
  10. A Biblical Psychology - (finished)
  11. The Analytical Lexicon to the Septuagint (LXX) and Textus Receptus (TR) - An Interceding Parsing Guide to the Old and New Testaments (to be finished in 2015)
  12. Biblical Eschatology (to be finished in 2014)
  13. Putting Your Septuagint to Work (to be finished in 2016)
  14. Greek Study Helps I (to be finished in 2016)
  15. Greek Study Helps II (to be finished in 2016)
  16. A Biblical Philosophy for World Missions